Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This year we hosted Thanksgiving at our house by default: we were the only ones with an oven big enough to cook the free-range, organic bird.  No matter how they came to us, we were happy to feed 12 hungry friends, aged 3 to 70, gathered around two long tables pushed together. 

For the first time Mr. Wonderful lobbied to stuff the turkey.  After some initial squeamishness, he did a stellar job.  

With hourly juice basting sessions, our new gas oven cooked it to perfection.

I was pleased and proud how moist and tender this free range Prince of Poultry turned out.  I think my gluten-free stuffing recipe helped prevent the turkey from drying out.   

Once the turkey, sweet potatoes, creamed spinach and fingerling potatoes had been placed on the table our guests decided we should host again next year.  Which is the best compliment of all.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!