Friday, December 25, 2015

A Christmas Gift with a Big Red Bow

"What do you want for Christmas?" Mr. Wonderful asked driving to the home improvement store in early December.
"Nothing," I said from the passenger seat while rolling the car window down with my right arm.
"But I have to buy you something."
"I don't want anything."
"But you need a Christmas gift on Christmas."
"I have everything I want," I said blowing him a kiss.

While the formula (Christmas + December 25 = Presents) was undoubtedly true, I didn't want any gifts because there was another true formula: (Christmas + My Age = Everything I Want/Need/& Ever Desired Wrapped in a Big Red Bow). Besides if I gave in and let him buy me something, it was bound to be a humongo sweater, a fuchsia-colored crock pot or a pair of itchy wool socks. Although I love my spouse, I prefer buying gifts for myself to ensure that I get the right size, color and cotton content.

But Mr. Wonderful was insistent and for the 12 Days of X-mas tried to buy me X-gifts all of which I refused with a big "X". Finally the day before Christmas he sprung a gift on me which had this formula: (New Car + Big Bow = Big Wow).

At the car dealership he showed me a car with a big red bow on it and said, "It's for you."
I was floored.
"I... I love it," I stammered.
"Unless of course, you still don't want me to give you a Christmas gift--" He was about to say something more but I stifled his words with a kiss.

Hoping you have a a very Merry Christmas with a big red bow on it!