Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Grape Harvest

"Have you seen the grape vines?" I said standing in the backyard. 
"Nope," Mr. Wonderful said heading toward the pool with a beach towel slung over his shoulder.
"Look here."
"They have grapes?"
"Grape vines are known to grow grapes."
"But it's so hot."

Gardening is hard but gardening in a drought is near impossible. Luckily I got the drought tolerant and sun-loving plants in the ground a couple years ago so that now they have well established roots that go down deep, all the way to China.

In my garden the Apricot tree, the Manzanita tree and of course the Grape vines are doing exceedingly well. The Pansies not so well. They're such... pansies. Grape vines thrive in the heat and the ones in our backyard are starting to look red and luscious. They're not as large as the grapes you buy at the grocery store, but if last year is any test, I personally think the flavor of our grapes trumps store-bought anyway. I'm by no means biased.

I sampled a bunch of grapes today. They tasted sweet and delicious. The other bunches of grapes on our vines are still ripening but if they turn out to be like the bunch I nibbled on for lunch, things are looking good for a good grape harvest in a week or two.

And if I time it just right I can harvest all of them while Mr. Wonderful is in the pool.

To be Continued...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

His Day

Wishing all the fathers, dads, papas and da-das a very happy day today!

Because if you're anything like my dad was, you deserve it!