Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Blast in Burbank

I came. I saw. I was conquered by the Burbank Local Authors' Showcase!

The event hosted 50 authors and sat me between Dina Gachman (author of Brokenomics, a funny looked at living frugally in L.A.) and Barbara Sheppard (author of a book on meditations helping one live peacefully, which basically means: Move out of L.A.).

I enjoyed talking to book readers. book lovers and other authors. The Sisters in Crime mystery authors of Nancy Cole Silverman and D.J. Adamson were delightful. I can't wait to read their books. People who engage with books are such an intelligent, interesting bunch of folks. And I'm not biased... too much.

Some highlights of the day included: 1) Talking to Publicity guru Liz Donatelli again; 2) Connecting with sweet friends who came to support little moi; and 3) Meet some New House Girl blog readers. After communicating with some blog readers via this blog, I (finally!) got to meet them in the flesh, shake their hands and laugh together.

It was pretty great.

Thanks to everyone who came out to make this local author so happy to be showcased in Burbank!

Have a great day reading!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Going to Burbank!

A home to families, a boring (yawn) place, the butt of late-night jokes, "beautiful downtown Burbank" has had its share of disparaging comments. But say what you will, this Saturday I'm thrilled to be going to Burbank, California to partake in the Burbank Local Authors' Showcase!

Comedy me will be joining, among other writers: Dee J. Adams who writes Romantic Suspense, Diane Haithman who wrote Dark Lady of Hollywood and Felice Fox who writes Lust and Love Stories. Lust and love aren't the same thing? Darn. I'm going to have to break the news to Mr. Wonderful.

All this writerly action is taking place Saturday, Oct. 17th 1-4 PM at the Burbank Public Library's Buena Vista Branch. There won't be yawns, it won't be boring and there will definitely be families and book lovers there in beautiful downtown Burbank.

I'm so excited about being in Burbank for this event, it makes me want to sing about Burbank, courtesy of Burbank High School grad (1924), Cole Morgan.

In Burbank, In Burbank,
Way out in BurbankCalifornia,
I want to warn you,
Don’t let your footsteps stray,
When you start to come this way,
For you will surely stay,
Until the Judgment Day!

Now this event is just four hours long, so you need to be there between 1- 4 PM on Saturday  But if you would like to linger in Burbank, I won't stop you. I'll join you.

In Burbank, In Burbank,
There’s no place on earth that could be fairer,
That’s no error.
There’s a happy throng,
Just ten thousands strong,
And in Burbank Town you can’t go wrong.

You can't go wrong by coming to the Local Authors' Showcase! I hope to see you in Burbank this Saturday to hob nob with writers and talk books, Books, BOOKS!