Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Garbage Disposal and A Lizard

When we bought The House it had been stripped of any valuables that hadn't been bolted down and even some that had.  Here's what our House didn't have on moving day:

a refrigerator, 
an oven, 
stove top vent, 
water heater, 
garbage disposal, 
light switch covers, 
closet handles, 
closet magnets 
kitchen cabinet closers.

What it did have lying on the kitchen floor was a very long, very dead Southern Alligator Lizard.

I gasped when I saw its prone body.  Our Realtor, Thelma, brushed my fear aside.
"Congratulations," she smiled.  "A lizard in the house brings good luck."

No wonder Thema's been selling houses for 30 years.  She knows just what to say.

A house good enough for a lizard was good enough for me.