Thursday, June 27, 2013

Easy as Cherry Pie

It's summertime, which means the living is easy, breezy and as sweet as cherry pie. Or Cherry Clafouti.

A clafouti is a French dessert from the Limousin region made with black cherries or red ones, plums, prunes or apples. Whatever floats your clafouti, really. The fruit is spooned into the crust and over a flan type batter and sprinkled with powered sugar on top.

This weekend I'm not working on the house, the garden or debating with the neighbors. It's summertime, the living is lazy and I'm eating cherry clafouti. Oui!


  1. Enjoy summer :). Down where I live it is always sunny, except when it rains!

    1. Thank you I WILL enjoy it! In Southern California summer lingers until late October. And right now it's cooking!