Thursday, July 18, 2013

Getting a Facelift

It wasn't pretty. When I looked closely I could see lines, cracks and a faded glow. Ugh. These were the warning signs that it was time for a facelift. Of my pool.

On the sly, I called several pool professionals for estimates of doing the work. They quoted me prices that would have paid for a German car. Brand new.

When the professionals failed me, I knew Mr. Wonderful and I would give up several of our weekends to home repair. Again.

I was hesitant about the work but Mr. Wonderful dove into this latest DIY project. While he drained the pool I noticed there was a spring in his step and he whistled while he worked, like one of Snow White's dwarves. Doc.

I realized I'd be assisting the doctor on this massive procedure, so I spent hours studying how to give a pool facelift. Then I re-studied it because a crucial step included "spraying the pool with acid". Acid?! 

It was long, hard and it stank. But we sucked out the bad and replaced it with new. Professionals. 

Here are the steps to our pool's facelift:
Drain the water:

Power wash the walls and pool bottom:

Acid wash the interior to remove any excess paint or dirt:

Compare the difference between the acid-washed wall (left) and the non acid-washed wall (right). Gross, right?

Drain the pool of the acid and water. Let the surfaces dry out completely, which in Los Angeles takes 2.6 seconds.

Tape off the tiles to prevent painting them:

Paint the surfaces of the pool:

Let the first coat of paint dry out completely:

Paint a second coat: 

Fill the bad boy up and jump in!

I'm glad it's done. The paint company said this work will last for 10-20 years. But after that we'll have to give our lady another facelift. Oh... yippee.

At last, our lady looks like new again. Brand new. I wonder if anyone will notice?