Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year's Eve!

Some people dislike New Year's Eve but I am not one of them. Any day that encourages drinking Champagne is okay by me! I love bubbles: Brut, Extra Dry and Sec!

But before celebrating the new year with Champagne, its bubbles and toasts, I need to take stock of my hopes for this year.

12 months ago I made resolutions to exercise more, recycle more and work on The House less. In actuality I exercised less, recycled some and worked on The House all the time. Hmmm, how very rogue of me.

Rather than beat myself up about my failed resolutions, I'll make some new ones including recycling the list from last year.

Whoa! I did it! I recycled something and fulfilled one of my 2013 resolutions! Hooray! My resolution list did not fail! Now I've earned the right to drink Champagne!

And here's a toast: Wishing you a prosperous, Happy New Year!