Thursday, December 5, 2013

Yosemite Sam!


It's amazing how this one name conjures up so many things. Specifically: 1) A gorgeous National Park; 2) Getting back to nature; 3) The first half of Sam's nickname.

So when Mr. Wonderful and I took off to the Sierra Nevada to see Yosemite! we were hoping to see all these elements and more.

We saw Half Dome, the half of a granite mountain that is the iconic symbol of Yosemite. This unique, 5,000 foot high rock formation was made famous by Ansel Adams and annually attracts countless adventurers to climb all 5,000 feet of it. We did not climb it because we are not that adventurous.

We saw the granite mountain, El Capitan. Anything called "El Capitan" tells you it's important. The only mountain more important than this one is "El General". But we didn't see it because it was spending the weekend in Vegas playing Blackjack.

We saw Bridalveil Fall. In November, the highest waterfall in North America is still the highest, but it's less impressive in the Water-Flow Department. Actually, the waterfall is more of a tiny trickle.

 Mr. Wonderful saw a mule deer up close and personal. I don't know who was more shocked at being so close to the other--the deer or the dear Mr. Wonderful.

We saw a male mule deer with a rack of antlers on his head that put every princess tiara to shame. His points were so impressive and slightly scary, especially when he looked at me head on. Although deer attacks are rare, I didn't want to be the first one of the year to be attacked by one of Bambi's parents.

We saw so many natural wonders and beautiful animals in Yosemite! But we had one grand disappointment: We did not see Yosemite Sam. And believe me, I looked and looked for him.

Nevertheless, if you love nature, camping, Ansel Adams photography and want to have your breath taken away several times a day, go to Yosemite National Park! Just don't expect to see Sam when you're there.

Ahhh, Yosemite!