Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hallelujah Tomatoes!

They're doing so well.
They're coming out of our ears.
They're overtaking our home!
It's the invasion of the tomatoes!

I'm not complaining. Before I've complained of poor tomatoes and lousy weather and not winning the lottery, the Mega Millions version. But not today! Oh, no, now I am rejoicing in the tomatoes we are harvesting from our tomato patch! They are beautiful, gorgeous and delicious. Hallelujah!

With them I've made garden salads, Greek salads and medium spicy tomato salsas.

I've made tomato pasta, tomato soup and--last night--tomato gazpacho. Although I don't know what other type of gazpacho one could make except a tomato gazpacho.

We've got so many tomatoes we could form a new country, if tomatoes could talk, walk or vote.

In the mean time I'll just enjoy this tomato time and declaim: Tomatoes, Hallelujah!


  1. Hello my Friend! I too planted Early Girl tomatoes. Mine have not produced quite the abundance of yours. ;( Our summer has been somewhat wet and cool. Not that Im complaining, since my electric bill has been manageable but it hasnt inspired my garden! Im hoping for squash, cucumbers & watermelon by the end of this month. But I need to get my cabbage in now if I want some in the fall! sigh......

    1. Hello my friend!
      It's so good to hear from you! That you planted the same variety of tomatoes that I did only proves that great minds--and palates--think alike! I can't wait to hear about them! and the squab, cucumbers and watermelon! Gardens are a thing of beauty and so much work! Enjoy today, dear Patty!