Sunday, February 22, 2015

Who Are You Wearing to the Oscars?

It's Oscar Sunday, the day that Hollywood comes out to applaud... Hollywood. I love movies and moviemakers and can't wait to watch the show. (What will MC Neil Patrick Harris not sing? Can NPH best last year's Ellen? Will they order take-out pizza again?) But before the first statuette is handed out, all the attendees walk the red carpet in couture gowns and tuxedos.

Although I won't be walking the red carpet with them, my Los Angeles neighbors and I are dressed up today because... it's raining. Just a quarter of an inch but for us Angelenos, it still counts!

So the question of the day is: Who are you wearing?

Harold, my 86 year-old neighbor, looks irritated and grumbles: "You mean 'what'. I'm wearing galoshes because it's raining."

Mr. Wonderful is planting shrubs in the rain, so he tells me he's wearing "Wet jeans."

Wordlessly, Jackson saunters around the house in a fur coat. Typical.

And I'm wearing the same Lucky Jeans I wore 10 years ago. I've been juicing for two weeks but still, I'm wearing the same jeans I wore 10 years ago!

Hoping you win your Oscar pool!