Sunday, May 3, 2015


"What's this?" Mr. Wonderful said closing the front door on the work day.
"A bouquet of flowers," I said fluffing the white hydrangeas.
"I'm not allergic to hydrangeas."
"I won't sneeze."
"They were on sale."
"But why are they in the middle of the floor?"

May is a great month because it means spring, flowers and show tunes. Every year when May rolls around I morph into the Queen of Camelot à la Julie Andrews skipping around singing about how grand May is. 

"It's May, it's May, the lusty month of May!
That lovely month when everyone puts flowers in the way!" 

To be fair the large hydrangea bouquet was in the middle of the floor because it was in a huge vase that was too jinormous to be supported by a table--end, coffee or dining room models. While I'm a May hooray-er, my spouse is a bit more subdued about the fifth month of the year. He likes flowers--especially tulips--but only in small quantities--especially tulips. Also, he doesn't sing or dance. Although I do. 

"It's May, it's May that gorgeous holiday!
When every girl wishes her man would dance the can-can!"

Mr. Wonderful thinks I go overboard with the flowers but after a dry winter, why not celebrate life with bouquets of hydrangeas, dozens of daisies and truckloads of tulips? All while singing and dancing around The House like a medieval royal? After all it's so fleeting--just 31 days long--so we have to enjoy it while it's here. 

"It's May, it's May, that festive time of year
When everyone drinks white wine with their beer!" 

While May signals "fun" for me it represents "work" for Mr. Wonderful. Currently my spouse is busy planning another home improvement project--installing gutters, rain barrels and windows. Or maybe these are three big separate projects? All I know is it's a lot of work. 

"It's May, it's May, the working month of spring,
When he... re-turns to hammers, nails and drilling."

I know home improvement work needs to be done, which is exactly why I've decorated The House in flowers. If I can't be out enjoying nature, then I'll bring nature inside. Besides with the humongo vase of hydrangeas in the path to the front door, maybe Mr. Wonderful won't be able to leave The House and go to the home improvement store for supplies. Maybe he can stay here with me and we can drink white wine or a beer together. After all,

"It's May, it's May, the month of yes you may!
So just sit down and with me stay! 

The lusty month of Maaaaaay!"

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