Sunday, May 31, 2015

Something New

“I bought something new,” I said setting a wrapped package on the coffee table. 
“Is it for me?” Mr. Wonderful said shaking the package.
“For Jackson?”
“For The House?”
“Who’s it for who then?”

When you do everything for everyone else all the time, people and felines tend to forget that you need anything like a break; want anything like a new treasure; or dream of anything like a mani-pedi with a foot massage happy ending.

So after buying Mr. Wonderful everything that his chicken heart desired, purchasing for Jackson the coolest catnip toys and shopping for The House at the home improvement store for months, I finally took matters into my own hands. I went shopping for me. 

And it was glorious! Now I’m not one of those big spenders throwing money around like dirty tissues during flu season. If I’m feeling blue I do not need to buy a huge-ticket item to feel better. Nor do I need to buy multiple items to improve my mood. All I actually need is to get one nice thing. In fact when I have been sad I’ve been known to accept things for free, which cheered me up just as much as buying something. And once at the beach I even found a perfectly round stone so I brought it home and that free stone—now paperweight—still makes me grin with pleasure. 

For me it’s not about the spending, it’s about the getting something beautiful to remind me that life is beautiful.

On this particular afternoon I was running errands, when through a shop window I saw a pretty yellow vase with a doughnut hole. It was tall with an appealing shape and color, the shade of which would match the dining room. But did I need another vase? Nope. I walked on. After running my errands and meeting a friend for a wine tasting, I passed the shop window again. The yellow vase was still there. I still liked it. But did I need another vase? Yes! Hooray for wine tasting.

I bought it, brought it home and filled it with water, a white Lily and a red Gerber Daisy. I didn’t need it. But it brightened my day reminding me on this May gray day that life is beautiful. 

“That looks good,” Mr. Wonderful said pointing to the flowers in the vase.
“Thanks,” I nodded gazing at it while a smile teased my lips.
“I like when you buy things for you.”
“Especially when I get to enjoy them, too.”

Everyone likes a little beauty to remind them that life is beautiful. Enjoy this beautiful day!

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