Sunday, December 2, 2012

Have a Crepe Day!

Last night I went to bed and it was raining.  This morning I woke up and… it’s still raining!  Which makes five straight, exceedingly long days of rain.  To counteract this feeling a wet gloom, I grabbed eggs, butter, flour and milk and made crepes.  Nothing keeps depressing rain or the zombie apocalypse at bay than hot crepes.  Especially if they’re well dressed.

How to Dress a Crepe:
Step 1 Make crepes.

Step 2 Slather a hot one in jam—like strawberry, apricot, or fig. 

Step 3 Roll up the crepe.

Step 4 Eat the sucker while it’s still hot.

Step 5 Laugh at the zombies in the rain!  


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