Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Cat's New Spot

"Jackson, I'm home," I said tossing my keys on the table still clutching my plastic wrapped dry cleaning.  There's nothing better than clean clothes free of cat hair; except clean linens free of cat hair.  "Come here kitty cat!"

But the cat didn't come.  

"Jackson?" I said scanning his favorite chair (empty) and food bowl (half-empty).  
I looked under the bed, under the sofa and on top of the refrigerator.  No cat x 3.  

I searched in the washing machine, in the toilets, at the bottom of the pool.  Nothing--thankfully!

I put a handful of kibble in a plastic container and shaking it like a mariachi, danced around the house singing his name, "Jackson, ole!"  Nada.  

Don't panic, I told myself.  Jackson had gone missing before only to be found in the most obvious place.  So.  Don't.  Panic.  

I continued with my routine and swung open the closet to hang up my dry cleaning when I saw black and white fur.  Jackson!  The cat had discovered how to open the closet and had curled up on the clean sheets and blankets.  

"Jackson!  What a relief to find you.  But you've gotten cat hair on all the clean linens."

He yawned and rolled over leaving a trail of cat hair in his wake.  He looked so comfortable.

Revision: There's nothing better than clean clothes free of cat hair.  Except... a found cat.

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