Friday, July 5, 2013

Alien Bricks

We'd painted the whole House. 
We'd redone the entire garden. 
We'd built a landing pad for NASA spaceships. 

In short, we had done all the big jobs on The House that you can do without losing your wallet, patience or sanity. Actually, buying a fixer-upper house and fixing it up ourselves proved I never had any sanity in the first place.

So after months and months of work--finally!--we had a day where there wasn't any work to do on the "time and money sucker" I mean, "my beautiful House". When the thermometer hit 95 degrees I jumped in the pool for some freestyle, some back stroke and some butterfly stroke which looked more like a "sick moth with influenza" stroke. Out of breath I grabbed a hold of the side of the pool and gasped twice. Once to get air into my lungs, once at seeing the sagging bricks. 

Were the bricks too heavy? Was our pool caving in? Were aliens arriving on our NASA landing pad? I leapt out of the pool and got the tools: a shovel, a bucket of Decomposed Granite and a beach towel to mop up my tears at not having had one vacation day from fixing work. 

Digging up the bricks I discovered a dead tree root where the bricks had sagged. I ripped it out, filled in the area with DG and refilled the area with the bricks brushing DG into the crevices. It turned out okay.

Then I did what any insane person would do--I jumped back in the pool and swam more laps. I wanted to be underwater and wet then the aliens landed because maybe it would make them want to help us fix up The House. Nah... They're too sane to do that.