Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Games

The Fourth of July is over, the sun umbrella is up and the thermometer just passed 100 F. These are just some of the signs that summer is full on--scorching us with its sunshiny heat and making this summer-loving, suburban dweller very, muchisimo happy.  

Thus far the highlight of the summer has been a nail-biter of a sports competition; and I don't mean Wimbledon, the US Open or that sport where you sink white balls into gopher holes. I'm talking a real sport, folks. I'm talking Pétanque.

Yes, after eliminating the competition in earlier rounds (namely, our dinner guests), the final match came down Mr. Wonderful and me. I wouldn't say we had a home-court advantage, but considering we played on the court we both made, which is located at our home, I'll let you say we had home court advantage. Although, what advantage is it when the two people playing in the final both have home-court advantage?


It came down to just the perfect athletic skill, to just the right flick of the wrist, to just the right amount of Sauvignon Blanc in the player's wineglass. As the afternoon game played out Mr. Wonderful pulled ahead 4 points to 2. Then I bounced ahead with 8 points to his 4. Always a fighter, he clawed back to tie me 8 points to 8 points. Then with my final two balls I smeared him for a final match score of my 10 points to his 8! (Insert crowd roar here!)

It was magnificent, thrilling and relaxed. Just like summer is. Long live Summer!