Friday, May 30, 2014

One For Them

We grew artichokes.
We cut artichokes. 
We ate artichokes.

But I didn't harvest all the artichokes. After all, they are flowers and my pea-sized, pseudo-scientific brain located somewhere between my ears was curious: What would happen if I left an artichoke on the plant?

So I did. 

Soon the flower grew large and larger, then like a good flower, it bloomed. The petals were purple in color and hair-like in quality and the bees loved it! At any given time five bees have been crawling in, around and through that gorgeous forest of blooming lavender-colored petals.

The scientist in me reveled at the beauty of the flower, the industry of bees and amazing Mother Nature!

I might have left an artichoke on the plant but it turned out being one for the bees. So one for them and some for me.