Sunday, June 1, 2014

Because Sometimes--

Because all work and no play makes for a dull girl.
Because celebrations are important.
Because birthdays happen just once year... usually.

There were plenty of reasons not to start another back-breaking, DIY home-improvement project this weekend. But the biggest was that I had plans to celebrate my birthday with my friend who was celebrating her own birthday. Weeks ago we made made reservations for lunch at a fancy restaurant where I would buy her meal and she would buy mine. It was a classic outdoor, Hollywood-style affair complete with a Pimm's Cup cocktail, red velvet cupcakes and a lot of snort-filled laughs. What a great gift!

If back-breaking, DIY home-improvement projects had less backbreaking work and more red velvet cupcakes I could do both on the same day.

In the meantime, taking a break for one day to celebrate each other was worth it. After all, birthdays happen just once year! Usually.

Happy Birthday, Friend!