Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Good News x2 and Bad News

“Here’s an after-dinner espresso,” I said setting a small cup and saucer on the table. 
“Good idea,” Mr. Wonderful said rubbing his hands together in anticipation.
“To go with it I made biscotti.”
“Great idea.”
“And homemade tiramisu.”
“… What’s wrong?”

Mr. Wonderful is very astute. He tells me things about me that I can’t even tell how he could tell them because they are so telling. One time he came home from the studio after 10 PM and said, “Has your sister called?”
“No. Why?”
“She’s going to call you tonight.”
“If she hasn’t called by now, she won’t call at all.”

At 10:45 PM she called. How Mr. Wonderful knew she would call,  I have no idea. In fact Mr. Wonderful didn’t know how he knew it either. He called it a premonition. I called him lucky.

This time he didn’t get lucky with a premonition of a phone call, he just saw me piling on the good Italian sweetness and figured: I was in the dumps; I was planning a Godfather movie viewing marathon; I wanted to eat my way to happiness. He is so lucky at guessing what is up with me.

“What’s going on,” he asked dunking a biscotti into the cup of espresso.
“I have good news, bad news and more good news.”
“Well lay it on me.”

I started with good news #1: a TV sitcom I wrote made the Semi-Finals of the PAGE Awards, a very prestigious screenplay writing competition in Hollywood.
Mr. Wonderful looked at me blankly.
“I means my sitcom was one of the top 25 written sitcoms of the year.”
“That’s great!” Mr. Wonderful said high-fiving me.

Then I progressed to the bad news, which was that this same TV sitcom did not make the cut to be among the Finalists.
He smiled and nodded dumbly.
“It means my sitcom was not one of the top 10 sitcoms of the year.”
“I still liked it,” Mr. Wonderful said giving me a fist bump.
It was nice that he liked it but I would have been stoked if more PAGE judges had liked it enough to make it a Finalist.   


A long time ago I learned to end on a high note, so I reminded my spouse and biggest cheerleader that I had one more piece of good news. 

“Guess what the good news is,” I said biting into the tiramisu.
“I have no idea,” he shrugged.
“Don’t you have a premonition or feel lucky about guessing it?”

So I told him: My book Evolution of a Wine Drinker was reviewed by Big Al's Books and Pals, the respected book review website, and received its highest marks—5 Stars!

“That’s awesome!” Mr. Wonderful said picking me up and swinging me around the kitchen. I couldn’t stop laughing. Nor could he. 

Sometimes it’s good to forget premonitions and live in the moment with great book reviews and delicious tiramisu with the man of The House. Here’s to good news!


  1. I toast you with a glass of pinot noir! There is is no bad news here. Its all awesome!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Patty! You are the best! And I LOVE Pinot Noir! Enjoy today!

  2. great! Je boirai un bon verre de vin à votre santé à tous les deux ce soir.!

    1. Coucou Nathalie!
      Et merci! Un jour nous boirons un bon verre tous ensemble! Profitez aujourd'hui!

  3. Lots of good news it seems - congrats!

    1. Hello!
      Thanks for stopping by and reading! It's good to hear from you again! Thanks for your congrats. I wish some of the good news would become GREAT news. But hey, life is not a sprint but a marathon, tomorrow is another opportunity for great news... Enjoy today!