Sunday, April 19, 2015

Book Lover's Paradise

Thousands of readers, hundreds of writers and one moi. Yesterday was an amazing day at the LA Times Festival of Books!

I saw LA Times journalist Sandy Banks interview Maria Bello about the actress' book Whatever: Love is Love. I saw celebrity LA chef Ludo Lefebre give a cooking demonstration of a recipe from his Crave cookbook for vegetable broth-poached fish and radishes, which made me hungry. 

Also I listened to a talk about books, writing and reading online by panelists Mallory Ortberg from The Toast, Patrick Brown from Goodreads and Carol Edgarian of Narrative Magazine. Then I went to my booth, hung out with fellow writers, like Kimberly Robeson,

talked to a bunch of people and sold plenty of copies of my book Evolution of a Wine Drinker

It was a great day on the University of Southern California campus! Go Trojans, Go book lovers! Go wine drinkers!

As for today, I'm putting my feet up and reading the books I bought at the Festival, which is more delicious than Ludo Lefrebre's broth-poached fish recipe.

But next April I'll be back at the LA Times Festival of Books. Will you?

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